RJ45 USB Stacked Jack Connector

RJ45 USB Stacked JackB-TOP RJ45 USB Stacked Jack Connectors with integrated magnetic for 10/100/Gigabit are available in one rj45 port over one or two USB 2.0/3.0 port configuration.

RJ45 USB stacked Jack Connector is designed to save space of PCB, to support ethernet applications such as LOM(LAN on motherboard), IoT devices, etc.

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Feature and Benefits

  • RJ45 USB stacked design to save PCB space
  • Optional with one or two Type A USB connectors integrated with a magnetic RJ45
  • Optional USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connector
  • High performance for maximum EMI suppression
  • LED color options available

Product List

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Part NumberUSB PortsMech DrawingSizeSchematicRJ45 SpeedUSBLEDsEMI SpringGold PlatingTemperatureDownloadNote
B50(13-01)F4-43-U122-B521 USBA29*16.8*21.1F4-43100M2.0Y/GYes6u"0 - 70PDFlight-pipe
B50(13-05)F4-43-U622-B52 1 USBA29*16.8*21.1F4-43100M2.0GO/YYes6u"0 - 70PDF


B50(16-03)F4-43-U623-B52 1 USBB28.3*16.26*20.9F4-43100M2.0GO/YYes6u"0 - 70PDF

B50(18-01)G8-12-U622-B521 USBA29*16.8*21.1G8-12Gigabit2.0GO/YYes6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(03-01)F5-12-U613-C522 USBD27.3*18.95*31F5-12100M2.0Y/GONo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(03-05)F5-226-U213-C522 USBD27.3*18.95*31F5-226100M2.0G/YNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(02-11)G8-111-U613-C522 USBC27.3*18.95*31G8-111Gigabit2.0GO/YNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(02-22)G8-143-U213-C522 USBC27.3*18.95*31G8-143Gigabit2.0G/YNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(02-28)G8-82-U113-C522 USBC27.3*18.95*31G8-82Gigabit2.0Y/GNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(02-49)G8-217-U113-C522 USBC27.3*18.95*31G8-217Gigabit2.0Y/GNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(06-02)G8-91-U613-C522 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-91Gigabit3.0Y/OGNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(06-07)G8-91-U613-C52 2 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-91Gigabit3.0Y/OGNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(06-11)G8-165-U623-C52 2 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-165Gigabit3.0GO/YYes6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(06-18)G12-04-U613-C522 USBE27.3*18.95*31G12-04Gigabit2.0GY/GYNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(06-20)G8-176-U613-C522 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-176Gigabit2.0G/YGNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(06-21)G8-165A-U623-C92 2 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-165AGigabit3.0GO/YYes6u"-40 - 85PDF
B50(06-23)G8-165A-U223-C922 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-165AGigabit3.0G/YYes6u"-40 - 85PDFLCP
B50(06-26)G8-91B-U613-C522 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-91BGigabit3.0Y/OGNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B50(06-27)G8-91-U625-C922 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-91Gigabit3.0GY/GYYes30u"0 - 70PDFLCP PIP
B50(06-28)G8-165-U225-C922 USBE27.3*18.95*31G8-165Gigabit3.0G/YYes30u"0 - 70PDFLCP
B59(02-01)W-U012-B52 2 USBC27.3*18.95*312.0NoneNo6u"0 - 70PDF




Recommended schematics for RJ45 USB jack with magnetics.