2xN RJ45 Jack w/o Transformer Connectors

These 2xN stacked rj45 jack w/o transformer connectors have the same pinout with the modular magnetic rj45 jack connectors. Consequently, it could be helpful for your design.

Features and Benefits

  1. Same pinout with the modular magnetic rj45 jack connectors (Mech drawing A)
  2. RoHS peak wave solder temperature rating 260°C
  3. Suitable for CAT5, 6 UTP cable or better
  4. 350µH minimum OCL with 8mA bias current
  5. High performance for maximum EMI suppression
  6. LEDs are avaialbe in a variety of colors

Product List

Part NumberPortsLEDsEMI SpringGold PlatingTemperatureDownloadNote
B59(197-02)W-000-8213-C122x8G/YNo6u"0 - 70PDF
B59(197-01)W-000-8625-C12 2x8GY/GYYes30u"0 - 70PDF

B59(173-07)W-6322-C122x6G/GYYes6u"0 - 70PDF
B59(173-05)W-6222-C12 2x6G/YYes6u"0 - 70PDF

B59(173-03)W-6622-C122x6GY/GYYes6u"0 - 70PDF
B59(112-15)W-4625-C12 2x4GO/GOYes30u"0 - 70PDF

B59(111-03)W-4222-C12 2x4G/YYes6u"0 - 70PDF

B59(111-02)W-4223-C12 2x4G/YYes6u"0 - 70PDF

B59(311-01)W-2623-C12 2x2GY/GYYes6u"0 - 70PDF

B59(57-08)W-1623-C12 2x1G/GYYes6u"0 - 70PDF

B59(57-03)W-1622-C12 2x1GO/YYes6u"0 - 70PDF